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I am a graduate student at the University of Montana, and I'm conducting a research project related to the impacts of incarceration on families and children, especially mothers. The goal of this project is to explore how these mothers manage their situation, and keep their families intact. The interview will take approximately 60-90 minutes. All information is 100% CONFIDENTIAL! Participants of the study will receive a $25 dollar visa gift card at time of interview.

I am interested in interviewing women who:
-Are 18 years or older
-Have one or more minor children
-Are currently in a romantic relationship with someone incarcerated at Deer Lodge state prison, Crossroads Correctional Facility, or any pre-release center in Montana.
----** Relationship must have been in place prior to partner's incarceration.**
-Live in Montana

If you qualify for this study please email, call or text me anytime. I will travel to conduct interviews.
All blocked phone numbers will be screened.
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