#At Home, DONE 4 YOU Real Estate Investing $185,000-$300,000 1st Year" (Montana area)


compensation: $185,000-$300,000 first year
employment type: part-time
job title: Real Estate Problem Solver
You WILL do your first deal with me in the first 30-90 days of training and make $10,000-$85,000 or more on it...even if you have no experience!

How? I lay the foundation of your business for you!

Who am I?

I'm a professional investor and investor trainer. I bought my first property 24 years ago and have never looked back. Since then, I have trained over 1,526 investors to be successful in real estate all across the USA, Canada, Australia and I can help you succeed too.

I have worked closely with Daymond John from ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Tarek and Christina El Moussa from “Flip or Flop,” Robert Kiyosaki from "Rich Dad Real Estate", Than Merrill, “Star of A&E’s Flip This House,” Drew and Jonathon Scott, “The Property Brothers”, and a half dozen others.

Best of all, you won’t have to pay $90,000 to $120,000 for the privilege like they did. We might just split the profit on a few deals until you get the hang of it.

Here's a small sample of what you will discover working with me:

--How To Buy All The Bargain-Priced Real Estate You Want, With None Of Your Own Money Or Credit, Safely Even If You Have No Experience, In Less Than 5 Hours A Week – At Home, On Your Computer

--The Easy Ways To Invest In Commercial Real Estate That Are So Profitable Just One Deal Can Retire You To The Warm Sandy Beaches Of Hawaii.

--Why, Thanks To Covid, Commercial Real Estate Holds The Biggest Wealth Opportunity Ever For Even The Most Novice Investor

--Exact, Word-For-Word Samples Of Sales Letters, Emails, And Scripts That Brought In Millions…And How To Adapt Those Same Letters, Emails, And Scripts To Your Own Real Estate Empire

--How A “Secret” 9-Minute Change In Your Daily Routine Will Translate Into Massive Personal Power And Wealth (Not One Investor In A Thousand Suspects The Potency Of This Simple Adjustment)

--The ONLY real way to get deals off the MLS (This method is so secret you will have to sign a non-disclosure statement)

--The Single Most Important Negotiating Move You Can Make In Any Real Estate Negotiation—It’s What Your Brain Wants To Do, But What Most People Panic About And Refuse To Allow Themselves To Do (Yet It Will Save You Tens Of Thousands)

--The Key To Negotiating Big Discounts (Not One Investor In 1000 Knows This "Inside Trick")

--Why The New “Delayed Mailings” In Your Marketing Will Cause Your Investing Buddies To Shake Their Heads…Until They See You Consistently Out-Maneuver Them By $10k, $20k, And $30,000 And More On Every Deal (I Guarantee They Will Try To Follow You Around To See If You Made A Deal With The Mob)

--The Number One Rule That Absolutely Must Be Observed To Prevent All Law Suits

--How To Start Doing Amazing Deals Tonight…With The Simple Basics Of Great, World-Class Real Estate Investing Techniques

--How To Handle The “Side-Effects” Of Your Increased Animal Energy You’ll Get From Making Serious Money On Real Estate Deals (A Real Unexpected Bonus)

--How I Legally Made $29,500 On A Property I Never Even Owned...And I Was So New The Owner Had To Help Me Figure Out The Contracts

--What A Seller Really Wants Out Of Their Property (Nine Out Of Ten Investors And Realtors Are Absolutely Floored By This Secret)

--The “Deserted Island Secret” That Can Turn Every Aspect Of Your Life Around Overnight (It’s So Simple, You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Having Thought Of It Yourself)

--The Clumsy Mistakes 90% Of All Investors Make When Doing Deals…And How To Quickly Learn The “Inside” Secrets Of The Ultra-Rich

--How To Automatically Avoid The Blunders That Get Even Nationally-Recognized Real Estate Investing Masters Demolished On Deals (It’s Called “Stress Shock Phenomenon,” And Once You’ve Stored This Knowledge In Your Nervous System, You’ll Never “Blow It” Or Panic When Your Deal Doesn’t Go As Planned. Yet There Isn’t One Real Estate Investor In The Country That Knows How To Teach This Crucial Part Of Keeping Deals)

--Proven Ways To Get Sellers To Initiate “Accidental” Offers That Are Pressure-Free

--How To Use A Little-Known “Positioning Secret” To Completely Cancel Out The Big Money And Experience Of Your Competition (Size Of Your Bank Account And Years Of Experience Are Meaningless When You Know How To Use This Secret)

--How To Get All The Money You Need For Any Deal (The Money Is There; You Just Have To Know Where To Look)

--Simple Deal-Finding Strategies That Require No Work Whatsoever (I Had An 80-Year-Old Client Find A Real Estate Deal In A Week In The Toughest Market In The US With These Strategies)

--Why Using Your Own Money On Deals May Be The Absolute Worst Thing You Can Do In Real Estate (And How To Get Other People To Start Begging You To Take Their Money Like A Puppy Begging For A Treat)

--How To “Position” Your Properties So Buyers Actually Compete To Buy Your Deals (No This Isn’t Some Auction Or “Highest And Best” Offer Crap)

--The One Huge Mistake All Inexperienced Real Estate Investors Make That Guarantees They Will Eventually Go Bankrupt Or Be Turned Into Victims…And How To “Parlay” It Into An Advantage That Will Give You And Instant 100% Increase In Your Profits—Even If It’s Your First Deal Ever

--How To Get $80,000-$150,000 In Unsecured, Zero Interest Credit Lines Even If You Don't Have A Job!

--Why Your Bank Account, Experience, Speed And Connections Are The Least Important Parts Of Winning The Best Real Estate Deals (And Why This One Simple Secret Will Give You An Immediate And Enormous Advantage Over Any Other Investor Out There)

--How To Turn Everyday Properties In Your Neighborhood Into Non-Stop Cash Machines That Will (1) Produce Gobs Of Cash On-Demand (2) Instantly Appreciate In Value (3) Allow You To Retire When You Want, Wherever You Want

--Why Having Money And A Local Mentor Is 100% Irrelevant To Creating A Successful Real Estate Investing Business (And The 3 “Basics” That Are Relevant, But Ignored By Nearly Every Investor)

--How To “Read” The Signals Of Real Estate Markets You Should Be Investing In Right Now (Most People Think They’re Obvious, But I’ll Bet Your Blind To These Signals. Just Learning This One Secret—How To “Read” Real Estate Markets—Will Boost Your “World-Class Deal Potential” Through The Roof)

--The Best Places To Buy Real Estate Now

--The Single Most Important Element Of Any Rehab…And How To Exploit It For Maximum Profit

--Most Importantly, How Real Estate Can Give You Financial Freedom Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

--And Much, Much More

I won't work with just anyone. If you're not willing to get more organized and work harder than you ever have for at least 5-10 hours a week, this is not for you.

Here's what my clients say:

“Since your help we are now on our 32nd house flip. We are averaging anywhere from $20-$40k profit for each deal. Paul, we can’t thank you enough for your amazing coaching, we would have never had the courage to take this leap of faith.”
‑Anthony M. & Bonnie B., Software Engineer and Property Manager, London, ON Canada

"Without a college or high school degree I thought I had no chance to succeed. Paul showed me the way. I just closed on a wholesale deal of a gas station that I found a buyer for. Now I'm taking my $50,000 I made and finding a house so I can move out of my parents place."
-Roger R., Unemployed, Denver

“In our year together with Paul we completed our goal to shut down our business and replace it with real estate income. In addition to the properties we fixed and flipped, we now have 10 properties generating over $13,500 per month all passively. 7 single family homes in Memphis and 2 single family homes as well as a four-plex in Dallas. We’ve also been lending out our money from the flips and our retirement funds at 12%. Real estate has been better than we ever dreamed! Thanks Paul!”
-Gary and Francis W., Retired Engineer, Houston TX

“Our first deal with Paul was very scary. It was an expensive home and we couldn’t believe how much it was worth. We did a wholesale deal on it and made $60,000!”
-Matt, Niko, and Terry L., Landscapers and Terry is a realtor, Tehachapi, CA

“We've flipped 5 houses now. Sold 4. Kept one as a rental. Have 2 more houses under contract currently. In under 2 years, we've made over $200k in profit from these flips. Having you walk me through some critical decisions helped give me the confidence we needed at the beginning.”
-Lisa P., Teacher, Rogers AR

“We sold it for $325,000 and netted about $62,000. Not bad for our first try. Needless to say, the guidance and enthusiasm offered by you …helped us through the process. It was also comforting to know that whenever we had a concern or question, we could call you for input and advice. Your being there also helped keep us focused, calm and self-confident.”
–Silvio & Vickie L., California

No license needed to get started, but I only work with one person per area, so you need to apply to work with me. If you’d like to apply please email my assistant at rachel@paulmcgraw.com Please give us your name, phone number, and email address.

See more about me at:

To your success,


P.S. You will also have the privilege of working with me and my team side-by-side. We will come and work with you, literally taking you by the hand (or fist bump in the age of Covid) to make sure you're doing everything the right way. We will go look at properties and make offers together.

P.P.S. The recession, rising interest rates and coming market crash will create the greatest investing opportunity of our lifetimes so there is no time to waste.

My favorite quotes: “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?”

“Everything good in life is found on the other side of fear”

  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

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